Saturday, September 17, 2011

Iceland, part 2

I'll start with a few Zavion quotes from the day: "Look, Mommy, I'm exercising - see, I'm breathing hard, but I just keep going. I'm going to be big and strong because exercise is so good for me!" "Look at those cute little furry fellas! (sheep)" (Do you want the last cookie?) "But, that's impossible - how can we have one cookie with three people?" "I can't go in there because I'm too confused and embarrassed."

Back to the trip. Iceland - day 4
We left our little hostel pretty early and drove back to Reykjavik on the same route which we had come. We did some different stops, though, and it still managed to take us 12 hours.  Again, I'll concentrate on pictures:

The seaside town of Hofn and a sliver of the Vatnajokull glacier.

Another glacier filled lake - Jokulsarlon. This one is well known and we took the requisite boat trip on the lake. Apparantly, the black on the glaciers is ash from May's eruption. And, according to Zavion, the ice is just a little cold! I mean, what kind of mother makes her kid hold a block of ice just for a photo?

Skaftafell National Park - and some beautiful weather!


'Mommy, what does V-A-T-N-A... spell?' ; Warm enough for short sleeves!; Zavion, what are you doing on the floor? 'I'm contemplating going under there...'

Along the road...


Fun at the beach.

Great afternoon light at Dyrholaey. And another fabulous day :)

We had one last full day in Iceland, and managed to sleep in until 11 :) It was a dreary day, so we headed into Reykjavik, had a late lunch at the botanical gardens and spent some time at the zoo (really, more like a farm) where we fed the world's loudest pigs, watched some cow milkin' and played peek a boo with the seals. Back at the hotel, we ate, packed and Z worked hard on writing his letters in his workbooks. We also played the opposite game. Here's an excerpt:  me- what's the opposite of up? Z- down.  me- what's the opposite of  fast? Z- slow. Dad- what's the opposite of delicious? Z - healthy! (haha)  me - what's the opposite of love? Z - hard. me- what? Z- Well, it's easy for kids and mommies to love, but it's hard for mans to love ladies, right? Just a little bit hard?  (Oh, kiddo - you have no idea...)

All in all, we loved Iceland. Zavion even says he wants to live there (but only if cousin Sebastian comes to live with us, too.) CHEERS!!!

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