Friday, September 16, 2011


OK, so I'm finally joining the masses of bloggists (is that a word?) putting our lives on cyberspace for all (who want to) to see... Please bear with me as I figure this out :) And thanks for visiting. I decided to put this together to chronicle our latest adventures (and to NOT clutter your in-boxes with 15 page emails as I have in the past.) I'm sure the blog will be very picture-heavy. Afterall, they say that a picture is worth a thousand words. Those of you who know me know that I'm perfectly capable of coming up with a thousand words- brevity is NOT my strong suit- but I'll try to spare you. Of course, I could probably come up with 1000 photos, too, but I'll try to control myself.  So, the massive missives are out, but I'll try to include some funny/interesting anecdotes. Fortunately, if I run out of funny, I have a four year old comedian with a propensity to use big words (not always correctly) in tow.

August 25, 2011 - we were off. Now, some may call me crazy for taking on a big trip with a pre-schooler, but he's remarkably adaptable (we've already done quite a bit of travelling together) and seems up for the trip. He'll miss other kids on the first part of our journey, I'm sure - he's gotten used to having them around. Well, lucky him - he'll probably have a sibling by the time this trip is over. We hope to add to our little family with an adoption from Ethiopia (where Zavion is also from) by this spring. While I've left the gender open, Z definitely wants a brother. In fact, his order of wanting things is this - Brother, Dad, dog, cat, bird THEN sister. Well, we'll see. But I digress... let's get on with things and the first leg of our journey...


  1. Yea ............. Looking forward to sharing in your adventures ........ Love ya, ZzzzzPapa

  2. Excellent and welcome to the blogosphere. I will post about your debut at thealchemistskitchen today!