Friday, December 2, 2011


Almost another month has gone by and, again, I've been slacking in my blogging.  Here's what life has been like this past month...

Working hard ~ 4+ days a week with Zvitambo, 1+ day per week at the children's home and periodic meetings with CARE. One day, I'm reading/developing interventions to decrease chicken feces ingestion by babies; another day I'm learning about local sex traditions (includng labia elongation;) another day I'm building a tool to estimate medical doses in the field; another day I'm teaching long division to 8 year old orphans. I'm learning loads about enteropothy, stunting, gender roles, etc. It's been awesome. I'll be putting together longer narratives about the work for my college... if anybody is interested...

The kids at the Children's Home are awesome - they always greet me with huge smiles and hugs. I will miss them!  Here we are: (they told me that, with the hat on, I really DO look like a jolly fat man. Hmmmm...)

I walk between 1 and 2 hours each day to/from my various projects. Which has been great for the soul. And the waistline. And gives me lots of time to enjoy my music :)  Though, the random music selection can completely set my pace ...  A day of Franz Ferdinand, The Killers and Sawdoctors will get me to my destination a full five minutes earlier than a day of Jack Johnson and Snow Patrol...

The kiddos are doing great. Zavion has settled into school really nicely. Yesterday, we got their report cards (the most detailed I've ever seen) and he is doing really well.  His teacher describes him as sweet, easygoing, bright, eager to learn, active, imaginative, fascinating and a joy to talk with. Proud mommy moment :):)  Next week, they will be putting on a play - I can't wait. I'm going to miss that school - and am spoiled now for any future schools...

A quick rundown of the past month (Thanksgiving and our trip to the Eastern Highlands will be in the next post.)

AROUND TOWN.  The jacarandas have lost their purple blossoms, but now the flamboyants are giving us a show of spectacular red!!

A BOY OBSSESSED.  Since Zavi inherited this Spiderman costume, he wears it everywhere!!

Playing with Eliza

Tennis Lessons!!

Dinner (As David pointed out, one of his super powers is NOT proper fork technique :))

PARTY!! - These kids have way more active social lives than their parents - they were invited to 3 birthday parties in a week! Here are some pix from a fun party at The Farm.

Feeding the bunnies

Face painting (spider man, of course)

Does anyone else find it odd that there is a noose at the playground?

FUNDRAISER for the children's home. A Sunday morning art sale/ pancake breakfast. I got to help out and the whole family came!

You can dress him up.... but...


The fundraiser was a great day for Miles -- he got to play with the marimba band AND he won first prize in the raffle (the latest Coldplay CD - signed by the entire band!)  All in all, the day was successful. Several thousand dollars raised for the children and a fun morning out.

AHOY MATIES! Zavi and Eliza are going to pirate class once a week. Here, Z models the pirate gear he has made - complete with eyepatch, beard and parrot!

Much more to say, but I'll get this out now so I can go to bed :):)  More soon!!

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