Saturday, December 17, 2011

Show Stoppin' Cuteness

Last week, Zavion and Eliza's class put on a play for all the parents. Oh. My. God. How cute! This was Zavion's performing debut and couldn't help myself from welling up with tears. Looking around, I wasn't the only parent getting misty eyed!! Here are some highlights:

Zavion the frog making his entrance. Note the cool frog's head he is wearing. In just a moment, he pulls the headpiece back, so his head is sticking straight out of the frog's mouth - with eyes and nostrils lolling about on the back of his neck. Oh well. He is still sporting quite the costume.

Eliza the bee making her entrance.

Here they are!!
Zavion saying his line, "Did you know that all that living things grow?"

Eliza's line, "My teacher says she is not an octopus- she only has two hands! After which, she ad-libbed, "Hey, I made a joke!"

"Can you hop like a frog? Ribbet Ribbet"

Have I mentioned how cute these little buggers are?

After the show, David took us all out for a celebratory lunch/milkshake. Eliza wanted to wear her whole costume and Zavion...? He just wanted to wear his tights.

Window shopping.

Never mind that his Thomas underpants were on full display through the tights. Didn't bother him a bit. (I'll probably have to remove this picture eventually when he is old enough to be embarrassed...)

Zavi also got his school pictures taken. I ordered some, but have no idea if they'll come in before we leave. In the meantime, here's the proofs. I especially like the one of the three of them!

Yesterday was their last day of school. There was an assembly and the school sang 'Happy Trails' to all those kids leaving - including little Z. It was special and there I was all misty-eyed again. Have I mentioned how much we've enjoyed this school? Zavi had a great term, made some wonderful friends and learned a lot. For the first time, he really enjoys sitting and coloring/drawing/writing and has a new level of confidence in these activities. It was also wonderful for he and Eliza to be classmates (he and Bassie were classmates in the spring, so it's really been the year of cousins!) Miss Carmen and the EC2 class - he/we will miss you!

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  1. love the photos. the cute little booty and the three far-away cousins. miss you guys!