Sunday, March 4, 2012

My son, the wordsmith

First of all - a bonus to Zavion's 25 things. Number 26 is his great imagination. I can't believe I forgot about it on my list. He is constantly making up scenarios to act out, characters for us to be, etc. We are animals, we are superheroes, we are battling, we are element benders, we have different forms, etc. It's so fun! His cousins share the same trait so when they are together, the imaginative play really picks up!!

Anyway, the other day, Z and I were looking for shells on the beach. He was saying, 'wow, Mom, this one is so beautiful. And this one is gorgeous. Stunning! Amazing! And this one is sooo pretty.' It was like a page out of a thesaurus. I guess those hours spent playing the synonym game has paid off. (Yes, I know - I'm a total nerd.) That, and the fact that if he ever encounters a word he doesn't know (books, conversations, movies, etc.) he asks for the meaning and we try to use the new words as much as possible.

I decided to keep track of the words/phrases he asked about for one day.... 'Mommy, what does _____ mean?' Here's a sampling of what may go in the blank:

Disastrous, extrapolate, move it or lose it, pre-pubescent, outcast, oblivian, obliterate, audacity, meet me in Valhalla (?), nostalgic, Augustine, ignorant...

Sometimes, it's quite funny. Like when he yells across a room full of people, "Mom, what exactly is a doofus?"

He doesn't always re-use the words perfectly, though - which can also be quite humorous. The other day, he tried to say I was exhasperating him, but he said exagerrating instead. He also used illuminate for frustrate - as in, 'Mom, I can't figure out this level in Angry Birds - it's really illuminating me!'

I sometimes say, 'you scared the bejeezus out of me!' Bejeezus being a nonsense word and having nothing to do with Christ and not meant to be offensive. However, in his hands... he told someone the other day, 'Man, you just scared me to jesus!' And 'the bee has jelly on his booty - I just laughed the jeezus right out of my guts!'

More examples of recent thoughts, questions and phrasing:

"Mom, in my imagination of a million years, I never thought I'd find these much shells."

"I'm skinny and your skinny and Miles and Katy are skinny, but that lady is round like a gronkle. And David? He's shaped kind of like a triangle."

"Mom, a little help here!"

"Mom, what is going on with you today? You're really freaking me out right now."

"There's a germ hanging out in my throat and he's making it hard for me to swallow."

"What in god's mean babies is up with that kid?" (A play on god's green earth...)

"Sleep in a toilet? Oh, the inhumanity!"

"Mom, will you die before me?" "But not before I'm a man, right?"

"I wish you were a little younger so you won't die so soon."

"I kind of figured that my mom would have brown skin like me, but you don't..."

"Those bathing suits don't even cover their butts at all! Are they going to get arrested, Mom? I think they'll be arrested."

"I want to live in Zanzibar so I can snorkel all day and have a pet monkey. And my cousins should live here, too. You don't need a job, just get some money out of the money store (ATM.) OK, you can just get a job here, then. You can be a boat driver, Bradley can sell pineapples and David can paint tattoos. When I'm 11, I'll get a job, too."

"I miss my cousins google, infiniti, thousand much!"

"That is the most horrible smell of my whole life!"

"I'm really sorry you got sunburned, Mom. Do you wish you had brown skin like me so you could be protected?"

"Mom, that man has bigger boobies than you!" (not saying much, I know...) "A man with boobies? I never heard of such a thing in a thousand years!"

"If I never went pee, would my bladder blow up like a balloon?"

"Who would win in a fight - a lion or a bear?" (and many similar questions - reminds me of little David!)

To a crowd - "Hey everybody, look what I'm going to do to my mom!"

There are so many more - but I'll spare you. I just wanted to get something down for my own recollection. ("Mom, what does recollection mean?")

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