Saturday, October 15, 2011


A few days in Denmark between our adventures in Norway and England turned out to be a great time! We took a (very bumpy) boat from Oslo (all squezzed into a room the size of a pantry) to Copenhagen.  We stayed right downtown and met up with a friend of mine, Betina - that I had met in Patagonia 5 years ago and hadn't seen since. She turned out to be a great tour guide/hostess and we had a lot of fun! We dodged a torrential rainstorm, took a canal cruise, walked the city streets and pedestrian mall, checked out the royal palace (Zavion almost got us kicked out of the palace by trying to peer into the windows...,) and, of course, spent a day amusing ourselves at Tivoli - one of the oldest amusement parks in the world!   Zavion also gave us all a course in Zavionese - his very own created language. Apparently, Daddy Jack is 'poop' in Zavionese (followed by some evil laughter!) Oh, and Zavi and I had an interesting discussion about religion at the cathedral.

Betina, thanks the good times and we'll see you in Seattle SOON!!  Dad and Anne - thanks for being such fun travel companions and we miss you! They headed back to States after Copenhagen while Zave and I headed to England to continue our adventure...

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