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Well, here I am about a month behind on this blog already. I haven't even posted about Norway yet and we're fully settled in in Zimbabwe :)  I'll try to quickly catch up...

Early September found us (me, Zavion and Dad) leaving rainy Iceland and flying to Norway - where we met up with Anne and set off on a whirlwind adventure of the fjords.  And when I say whirlwind, I mean whirlwind.  In 5 days, we travelled on approximately 7 trains, 4 boats, 3 busses, a funicular, and a few taxis... we walked a lot, took thousands of pictures and oohed and ahhed at all of the gorgeous views. Norway is beyond superlatives. A thesaurus doesn't contain enough adjetives to do it justice, so my vocabulary certainly doesn't.  Suffice it to say that Norway is one of the most spectacular places on this planet. The creator of the world in 'Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy' says that the Norwegian fjords are his best work. Can't argue with that.

It was exhausting, though, as we stayed in a different place every night. Everyone stayed in good spirits, though Zavion asked on occasion to just stay in one place for awhile. He did enjoy riding the trains, the playrooms on the boats and all of the playgrounds with views. He worked on his workbooks, watched his itouch, appreciated the scenery as much as any four year old can and managed to catch rides on my suitcase and my back whenever he could charm his way onto them. (I admit, I'm a total sucker for his charming ways...) All in all, he really hung in there and was a remarkable traveler. As were the old folk ;)

In order to catch up on this thing, I'll forgo the day to day descriptions and just label the pictures as needed. I'll put a few of my favorites on here and then add a slideshow with the rest! Technology is grand (when it works!) ENJOY!!!

First - the train/train/bus combo from Oslo-Dombos-Andalsnes-Alesund:



Hiking the 418 steps above Alesund.  I'm happy to say that we all made it :)


The incredibly picturesque boatride on Geirangerfjord.

Wandering the town of Geiranger - and our hotel room with a view!!

BERGEN (and the overnight boat)

Norway in a nutshell day - train/bus/boat/train/train between Bergen and Oslo.


Zavion at play!


Even more photos in the slideshow here- hope it works!!

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