Friday, January 13, 2012

Christmas morn...

Ok, that last post didn't take TOO long, so I'll attempt a Christmas post before this internet cafe closes (or before Zavion drags me outside for another round of mini-golf.)

Christmas was great. We had great, sunny weather and family to celebrate with. In addition to David, Katy, Miles, Eliza (and Mambo,) Dad and Anne came to town (and with them came two suitcases of Christmas presents - thanks again!) The kids were suitably giddy the night before - wondering if they've been good enough for Santa to visit. They put out fruit and milk for the jolly fat man and carrots and apples for his flying steeds. They anxiously and excitedly went to bed at a decent hour. The adults, of course, stayed up much later doing last minute wrapping and Santa-ing.

Surprisingly, we did NOT get awakened by kiddos at 5:30 am. As a matter of fact, they slept in later than usual and we lined up in the hallway at the very civilized hour of 8:00. Because of Zavion's towering frame, we lined them up by height rather than by age. They paraded into the living room and were ecstatic to see that Santa had visited- Eliza screaming, 'We've been good, we've been good - he came!!' They were all in good spirits all morning and were gracious at every present- be it a snack bar, a purse or a lego-guy.  It really was a great day!!!  Some highlights:

Bed-headed kids waiting patiently for Daddy Jack to finish shaving so they can go see their loot!
He came, he came!!!

Reading Santa's note
 Yay! A new Lego toy!!
 Sharing the love.
 We gave this painting to David for his office - Eliza and Zavion made it in art class!
Enjoying the morning :)

Eliza modeling her new dress and matching cell phone; Zavion enjoying his head-sized Christmas morning chocolate-chip pancake. (Yes, he ate the whole thing AND had more!)

For New Year's Eve, we had a dance party and stayed up until 10:00 (party animals that we are.) The kids boogied to The Beatles, Adele, Ce Lo Green, Franti, REM and The Ramones (among others.) We played Limbo, shook our booties and sang at the top of our lungs. I explained New Year's resolutions to them (kind of) and asked what good changes they wanted to make for the year. Zavion said, 'I want to make a lot of money so I can travel to every country and give everybody some money. Oh, and I want to give toys to all the children.'  He has a way of saying the right things - we'll see if he can put this to practice while we're volunteering in small Kenyan villages next month :):)

Anyway, I know I'm still behind on this blog-thing and I'll try to catch up in the next couple of weeks (does anyone really ever catch up on these things?)  But right now, I have a smiley 4 5/6 year old that has been patiently waiting for a trip to putt-putt, followed by a frolic on the beach. I can't really say no to that, now can I? 

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