Thursday, January 26, 2012

Final days in Zim

A few highlights from our final two weeks in Harare. Dad and Anne stayed until Jan. 1 and we had fun going to Imire, Domboshawa and the Lion and Cheetah park. David and Katy went to Cape Town for a few days, while I stayed with the kiddos in Harare. It went really well and we all had a good time :) 

IMIRE - an animal sanctuary about 2 hours from Harare. We enjoyed a game drive (cut short by a thunderstorm,) lunch, feeding of various animals, a walking safari, amazing star gazing (I love the southern hemisphere sky) and a great overnight at the volunteers' cabin. Dad and Anne also enjoyed an elephant ride - a first for both of them. Some highlights:

Playin' some soccer while waiting for the game drive

Yes, there in a cage... but still impressive and even slightly unnerving.



The rhinos are especially protected here - due to increased poaching activities in the area. At Imire, the rhinos have armed protection 24/7 and their horns are trimmed so they don't attract the poachers. (Rhino horns bring in a LOT of money as they are believed (falsely) to have medicinal properties in Chinese medicine.)

What are YOU lookin' at?

Storm is brewing...

Eliza and Zavion waiting out the rainstorm

This elephant thinks she is a buffalo and is the leader of the herd.  She has even killed buffalos that have tried to fight her dominance.

She loves being fed, though!

This is where we stayed the night. Charming and rustic. Perfect for our group.

And a chance to feed the rhinos, too!

What better way for a couple of little boys to while away the hours than playing a game of darts. Safe, yes?

Off on a walking safari

Yes, the baby elephant has ahold of my arm and is pulling me towards her. Not surprisingly, she is exceedingly strong!


Dad and Anne travelling in style!

DOMBOSHAWA - We visited this place back in September, but went again with Dad and Anne. It's such a lovely (and picturesque) place!

picnic time!

Bat cave!

Alas, it appears that my pictures from the lion and cheetah park haven't been uploaded yet, so I won't include them here.

We have been away from Zim for three weeks now. We miss everyone there, but are having an excellent journey. So far, we've touristed around Cape Town, escaped deadly floods in Kruger and had a couple of relaxing days with my friend in Nairobi. Tomorrow, we head for the villages of northern Kenya for a month of volunteering - should be awesome. Then.... maybe a beach break before heading to Ethiopia. But, we'll see....  Stay tuned...  (probably won't be able to do regular updates from the villages as we won't have internet access - or even electricity - but I'll try to make it to an internet cafe every week or so...)

Take care everybody!

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