Thursday, January 26, 2012

Summer Lovin' (four year old style)

Starring - Zavion and Jamila. Location - Camps Bay Beach, Capetown, South Africa.

Scene one: He tries to impress her by sprinting by. She is suitably intrigued...

The boy's got good taste - she's a beauty!

Scene two - she entices him into a game of paddle ball. They are pretty bad, but it doesn't matter. The romance grows...

 Scene Three - maybe she'll be impressed by the monster trucks! (she wasn't)

Scene four - the requisite frolic on the beach scene

:):)   All that's missing is the ride off into the sunset...

As we left Camp's Bay, Zavion told me that Jamila is his best friend in Cape Town. And then asked if she could be his new sister. Sweet :)

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