Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Vic Falls - the Sequel

But first - a little prelude... check out this cutie!!

A couple of weeks ago, we found this bushbaby in the front yard! We all heard a strange barking in the night and, lo and behold, it was coming from this tiny, adorable primate. Pretty rare sighting so close to the city! Cool!

The next day, Dad and Anne arrived for a two week visit. One of their dreams while visiting Zimbabwe was to see Victoria Falls and they wanted a guide. Being the selfless, giving person that I am, I offered to accompany them (never mind that Vic Falls is one of my favorite places...) Zavion stayed back in Harare with David and Katy (it was our longest time apart to date) and, I'm happy to say, we both survived the seperation.

Our Vic Falls itinerary was similar to (though shorter than) our October visit, including Chobe in Botswana.  Here are a few highlights:

A little more water than last time... the rainy season has begun!

From the helicopter ride - thanks, Dad!

Anne on the sunset cruise. No dramatic adventure this time around, just a nice, relaxing evening on the Zambezi.

This guy was feeling pretty relaxed!

Gotta love the African sunsets!

The next day, we headed to Chobe. Another great day of game sighting!

Banded mongoose

Vervet monkey family

This hippo is marking his territory (spraying his poop around by spinning his tail) Ah, nature. 

One of the great things about it being the wet season was how green everything was. So you can imagine my dissapointment when I realized I had inadvertently switched my camera to black and white. Let's just call it artsy and avant garde...

The elephants are pretty cool, though - even in monochrome!

Dad and Anne (Anne said this was one of the best days of her life!)

Got some color back for the game drive. That's Dad's hat in the front seat. Perfect seat for catching flying dung beetles with one's face and neck, apparently :)

Sable herd

Where there are vultures, there is usually a kill. These lovelies were checking out a recently downed baby buffalo. But they weren't quite ready to pounce because...

...This guy was keeping watch!! Pretty cool.


It was definitely newborn season. These baby impala were taking a little rest while the adults stood guard all around them.

warthog family

This poor buffalo was sporting a recently bitten off tail and a large bitemark on his shoulder. Perhaps this was related to the afore-mentioned lion attack...

Just such an incredible place!

Oh, and it was definitely dung beetle season. These guys roll up animal dung into perfect balls and lay their eggs inside. When the babies are born, they eat their way out of the poop. Yummy!

Check 'em out. Apparently recently laid buffalo scat is the bomb!

That night, we dined at The Boma. Touristy and a little cheesy, but a good time was had. My friend, Brent, joined us for a night of eating, tattooing, dancing and drumming.

Brent and I - we've known each other for over 16 years!

Ain't they cute?

The buffet included crocodile, warthog (everyone's favorite,) impala, eland, guinea fowl, etc.

The night ends with everybody drumming - very fun!

All in all, another successful trip to Vic Falls. And, thanks once again goes to Brent for setting everything up!

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